Roadmap: Updated 07.31.23

At the time of updating this is the current roadmap:

Determine the purpose of the webpage.

Strictly personal? Hybrid, after careful consideration it seems to let the website scale from personal interests, and expressions to a portfolio and blog/podcast would be prudent, that way the standard raises gradually and the desire doesn't get stifled with expectations. Also to integrate with other endeavors/collaborations without being strictly promotion.

Should revenue be the goal? Not directly, if sales of any product or service become organic then it can be allowed, but nothing should be added with the explicit intent to make money.  If a cash grab seems to be the first goal of a move then it should be an automatic no.

Should expression be the goal? Yes, with the exception of discovery, the world is a big place and I am a singular part of it. just a part of it, discovery is acceptable under the circumstances of shared experience. If it seems like gatekeeping it's a no.

Should it be a catch-all? Yes but within reason, time will tell where the focus goes but it should all meet a standard, would I want my name attached to it, regardless of whether or not I like it personally. 

Determine primary sections based on purpose. - WIP

01. Blog/Vlog

02. Art

03: Dev

04: Projects

05: Productivity

06. Reviews

07: Events

08: Self-Improvement

09: Streaming

Create concepts for design.

Separate design for each section (the interface/experience is content as well).

Poll designs, source feedback, or don't?

Polls are a yes, feedback is a maybe.

Integrate other platforms.



Facebook (ugh) maybe




Migrate to another service if cost-effective.

Big fat yes, traffic will be garbage for a long time since it will not be promoted even personally. 

Alright, the next step, creating a timeline, in order to keep it loose I'll have to break it into sections. The natural way to look at that is just a page at a time, let's say since this is my lowest priority in life right now I make it a single page a month. So August 23' is the landing page.